We have been asked many times if people can order online.  To that we say, not yet! Currently, we prefer to engage personally with our clients over the phone or by email. We find that it creates a bond with our clients and offers a friendlier customer service experience. It allows us to get to know you and your personal tastes or needs.

You can make an inquiry by emailing me at [email protected]

or the old-fashioned way by calling 416-241-5801.

We can order single title books, textbooks, etc. for you within 2-5 days if available. Other items including art and office supplies can also be custom ordered but may take longer. And we are always happy to source new products or will point you in the right direction! Please contact us for more details.

Please note that we only carry curriculum books up to Gr 12 – University or College textbooks are a custom order based on course requirement.




Blyth Academy


We are the proud supplier for Blyth Academy in Ontario!  Please check out the booklist below for your texts and if you do not see anything listed for your course, please call or email. Please note that we do not offer online ordering at this time.

Blyth Academy 2021/22 Gr 9 – 12 Booklist with prices … see below.

Please note that only the books for grades 9 -12 are listed currently.  Please call to order with a credit card, campus location and the student’s name. If you do not find your book listed, please call!  English books are always ‘teacher’s choice’ and will not be listed.

Used books are often available but not guaranteed every semester — we buy back your used books, so please leave them at your campus immediately following exams.  Books will receive a 40% buy-back if in good condition, less if they are very used or have stains, etc.

We carry a wide selection of curriculum texts as well as workbooks from K to Gr 8.  If it is not in stock, please let us source it for you and we would be happy to bring it in.  We do not charge extra for custom orders!

Blyth Academy can be reached for more information about courses at:


Textbook list 2023/24

8 Responses to Textbooks


    Do you sell : Criminalistics- An Introduction to Forensic Science by Richard SAFERSTEIN. I would be interested in used or new, and would like to know what editions you have e.g. 10, 11, or 12.

    • suri says:

      Hi Robert,
      Sorry, no, but we can try to order for you. It’s currently showing as available from the publisher at a cost of $283.25. If you wish to order, please call us with a credit card for payment and I can order today for you. The book should arrive by the middle of next week.

      Best, Suri @ Squibb’s

  2. Elaine Virola says:


    I am looking to buy Nelson Chemistry 12 textbook. ISBN Code is 9780176520618. Do you have it in stock. If so, how do I order?

    • suri says:

      Hi Elaine,

      please call us to order or send your order by email. Please include student name, campus attending, credit card info and your phone number. Calling is always best.

      Suri @ Squibb’s

  3. Stacy Neto says:


    I am looking for the Grade 12 Advanced Functions MAth Textbook From Nelson:
    Advanced Functions 12, Nelson, ISBN: 9780176678326

    I was wondering if you guys have it in stock and is so how would i purshace the book?

    • suri says:

      Hi Stacy,
      please give me a call to complete the order. I do have lots of stock and possibly still some used copies but in excellent condition so a bit higher priced than other used. You can also pick up the book if you’d like instead of having it delivered to your home.

      Number here is 416-241-5801 or email us directly: [email protected]


  4. Diane says:

    Looking for book Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton

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