90th Anniversary!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday, May 6th to help us celebrate!  Thank you to our clients, friends and colleagues who brought or sent flowers and cards – truly blessed!

Thank you to the Squibb family for coming out – 3 generations – and with Squibb’s Honey for sale… hmmm… I see a new product for the store!  Thank you to Antanas Sileika for sharing his Saturday, his wit and his love of Weston. Thank to Gary Alderson for his generousity and gift of the photobooth that day – you were able to create some wonderful memories for us and our guests . And thank you to local artist extraordinaire, Martin Proctor, who popped in and then made us a fabulous sign for people to hold when having their pics taken – a wonderful keepsake!

Thank you again to neighbour and friend, Catherine, who worked her ‘magic’ and got us a wonderful story in the Toronto Star.  It’s been a couple of weeks and the new visitors have not stopped yet coming in to check us out, give us a call or visit our social media.

Thank you to the Toronto Sun and local Guardian Newspaper as well for their articles before and after the event.

Here are the 3 of the articles written about us over the past 2 weeks:




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Woo hoo! 

We reached another milestone in our company’s history.  From May 1927 to today, through name changes – Squibb’s Books & Stationery, A.T. Squibb & Son, Squibb’s Stationers – we have stayed true to course:  serving the Weston community and beyond.

Join us as we celebrate and reflect on the past 90 years … Saturday, May 6th from 11am to 3pm.  Special guests include members of the Squibb family, a special guest author, Antanas Sileika (who also worked here) and cake!


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90thAnniversary Presser


Messages have started arriving from clients, friends and colleagues….

Congrats Suri! Many thanks for your tremendous work. Looking forward to many more years of partnership.

Michael Booth
Principal, Blyth Academy, Mississauga Campus – Adamson Estate


Congrats Suri! You guys rock!


Tania Freire
Head of Lower School, Blyth Academy Mississauga, Cawthra Estate


Wow Suri that’s amazing…..90 years!!
Congrats and I love dealing with you and Michael…..you’re the best!
Sarah xo
Campus Administrator, Blyth Academy – Mississauga



Congratulations. This is such a huge milestone. I am thrilled for you and Michael.

Nili Isaacs                                                                                                             Principal, Blyth International Summers and Global High School & Managing Director of Guidance


Congratulations on such an outstanding accomplishment. Indeed a rare accomplishment for any store, let alone an independent book store. It’s so cool to see someone who values their place in a neighbourhood so much, if only we could get more people in this day and age to fall in line with this kind of thinking! Here’s to 90 more years of success for the store!


Dan LeBaron                                                                                                                   MJ Candidate, Ryerson’s School of Journalism


Congratulations Suri and Mike on reaching this amazing Milestone.
Al-Azhar Academy would not have had a better experience anywhere; and we are more than happy to continue being your client for many more years to come God willing.

Lamiaa Ghars El-Din | Office Administrator
Al-Azhar Islamic School of Canada


Congrats, Suri! What a wonderful occasion, store history and true Canadian indie success story! Squibb’s has been a part of my life for many years in that neighbourhood, especially when I first became a published writer. I got my typewriter ribbons (and some of my typewriter repairs, from Michael J!) there – and loved browsing amongst the different papers, pens, lovely cards (some of which I sent to my editors) – and many other items – including your always-fascinating small assortment of books. And I knew Squibb’s always had its ink-stained finger on the pulse of what was happening in Weston…I still enjoy looking at your nice display windows, with community-event notices, when I’m in the ‘hood. All the best – *and* I’m delighted to hear there’s a ‘Squibb’s Honey’ – makes your book-and-stationery success story all the sweeter!

Winnie Czulinksi


Congratulations Suri. We could always count on you to help us out with textbooks for our son when he attended Blyth Academy – Mississauga. . Great milestone!

Heather Martyniuk, parent


From Facebook: Dear Squibb’s Staff I spent my early years – birth to Grade 7 – in Weston – and have very fond memories of Squibb’s…the wooden floors, the smell of papers and books and ink. It was a highlight of our week to go to the Weston Public Library and to Squibb’s. My parents arranged for us to get a British paper for children called “Look and Learn” through Squibb’s. (They were Irish immigrants). One oif fondest memories is a book I purchased when I was in grade 4; our teacher, Mrs. Brown, read “Lassie Come Home” to us. I saved my allowance and bough the Grossett and Dunlap hardcover edition of the book myself – as a confirmed dog lover, which I still have (including the price of $2.50, neatly penciled on the flyleaf). I would head to the back corner of the store for the books section each week to find what titles were there, especially the dog stories. I also remember purchasing my first fountain pen and bottle of ink, and later cartridge pens and cartridges at Squibb’s. Many years and miles later, I am still a book lover (and dog lover) and pursued higher education – a love for reading that has roots at Squibb’s. I am so delighted to see the store still there and still going strong! Someday if I get back to Weston during business hours I hope to come to the store. Thank you for carrying on such a wonderful tradition in my old hometown!

Christine O’Reilly